Since moving from Sheffield to North Yorkshire over a decade ago, Mark Gilroy has established himself as one of the UK's premier entertainers.

Raised on a diverse musical diet ranging from Bob Marley to Bruce Springsteen, Mark developed a naturally eclectic taste and this is evident in his performances. Look out for his acoustic take on The Cranberries' 'Linger' or his latin interpretation of the Eagles' epic 'Hotel California'. His personal musical influences include Elton John, Stevie Wonder & Aerosmith, amongst many others.

A professionally trained keyboard player and vocalist, Mark now plays Yamaha's flagship instrument - the Tyros 4 - "bursting with innovation....extraordinarily expressive."


With a repertoire now ranging over 500 songs, Mark will perform a range of songs to appeal to all tastes and ages. From soul to swing, rock to Motown, golden oldies to the latest chart hits - why not book Mark for your special event? Nothing quite beats the sound of live music – especially when the performance is custom-made to include all your favourite songs.

Click to view the list of songs Mark covers. Spotify users can stream all tracks here.

Mark also has experience working in a studio environment and will be pleased to accept requests for session vocal work.